Friday, February 17, 2012

Live Review: Polyphonic Spree 2/10/2012 at Center Stage

Wild, frantic, and unpredictable. Just a few words that you could use to describe the live experience of symphonic pop group The Polyphonic Spree. The Texas native band put on an outstanding two hour set last Friday night at the Center Stage music venue, pulling out almost all of their most beloved songs, as well as demonstrating some incredible stage theatrics.

The night was kicked off by opening act New Fumes, a solo psychedelic rock project created by Daniel Huffman. With nothing more than a MacBook, a guitar and some foot pedal effects, Huffman managed to lure the audience into a trance like state with his tunes. The main appeal to New Fumes was the corresponding visuals, as Huffman set up a projector that played some of the most unique and bizarre animation footage I've seen out of an artist since Tobacco. Huffman is a creative solo act that is definitely worth checking out.

Soon after, Polyphonic Spree would finally take the stage, Tim DeLaughter and company marching triumphantly through the crowd while the inspirational track "Gonna Fly Now" from the movie Rocky blasted in the background. Immediately, the twenty-one person collective was met with roaring applause from the crowd, as they begin to play their first show in Atlanta since 2008. Opening with big time tracks such as "Two Thousand Places" and "A Long Day Continues", Polyphonic Spree wasted no time in getting right into showing off their bombastic stage presence.

Highlighted by a six woman choir, trombonists, violinists, and just about any other musical instrument you can think of, The Polyphonic Spree brought forth one of the most enthusiastic live groups out there today. Throughout the show, DeLaughter would participate in such antics as spraying the crowd with confetti, wearing a hat he received from a member of the audience, and leading the rest of his band into several extended jam sessions.

As if this energy wasn't enough, Polyphonic Spree started playing unexpected covers of British sensation The Who, including epic renditions of "See Me Feel Me" and "Pinball Wizard". After an intense hour or so long set, DeLaughter jokingly noted that it was time for the band to take off, playfully setting up for more to come. But no one expected an hour long encore, and that's exactly what the Atlanta crowd got!

Polyphonic Spree banged out even more big numbers, such as the big hit "Light & Day", as well as latest single "What Would You Do?". As the show begin to close, DeLaughter would leave the stage and head into the crowd, approaching everyone on the Center Stage floor for a singalong session. The Polyphonic Spree's demeanor throughout the night was an ecstatic one, giving the crowd everything they paid for and more. Check out some highlights from the show in the clip below.

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