Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today's Featured Album:

Burial - Untrue(2007)
Genre: Dubstep, Ambient
Grade: A

First off, I'd just like to state that it is very bizarre that I am just now stumbling upon this album, which I've heard virtually nothing about until today!
Right off the bat, it starts out with some of the most unique, catchy, poppy-yet-enthralling soundscapes you'd ever think of. The London electronic and house music producer known as Burial really
gets things moving with "Archangel", which has one of the strongest useage of sampling, one example being a section from the opening video from Metal Gear Solid 2 and importing it in a well-placed backdrop behind
catchy vocals from contemporary R&B artist Ray J. This is very reminiscient of Emotional Technology era Brian Transeau work in tracks such as the surrealistic "Near Dark", the tranquil "Ghost Hardware", and the haunting "Endorphin". Will Bevan goes even as far as sampling chilling vocals from the deceased Aaliyah over a very low-cold down-tempo beat with "In McDonalds". The music may be somewhat
simplistic, but at the same time it is incredibly crafted and is something that will have you bobbing your head right before drifting off into a strange dream world. At times, it can leave you feeling very relaxed, all the while putting you into a very dancey kind of mood. Burial definitely broadened horizons not only for himself but the dubstep and electronic genres as a whole with this release. Untrue really is just the perfect kind of album to really immerse yourself into!