Thursday, June 24, 2010

6-24-10 Reviews: Hidden Treasures!

World's End Girlfriend - Dream's End Come True(2002)
Genre: Experimental, Ambient

Another hidden treasure from about eight years ago. World's End Girlfriend is a project brought to us by Katsuhiko Maeda, who brings us some of the most beautiful, inspirational EPs that quite honestly
hasn't received the attention that it deserves. If the stunning opening track "Singing Under The Rainbow" doesn't draw out some sort of positive emotion from you, I would be absolutely shocked. The following song "Caroling Hellwalker" departs
from the violin-laid foundation, and starts to rely more on the different variety of atmospheric beats, before drawing you back in with an incredible session of ambient build-and-release. It is in the middle of the song where the chaos of this music decides to take center stage, and it can definitely be viewed as awe-inspiring. If you can be patient with your music and feel like embracing something gorgeously produced, this is another piece of work to look into.

Satanticpornocultshop - Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos(2010)

Genre: Electronic, Avant-Garde, IDM

In a time period where electronic music seems to be on the rise now more than ever, this is one of the most unique albums I have heard all year.
If you can get past the rather strange album name, you'll discover an array of cross-genre songs that really captivates the listener. This record expands on all kinds of horizons. One moment you'll be feeling like your listening to something you'd find off a Venetian Snares IDM soundscape, before immediately escaping into a much more surrealistic, dream-pop frame of mind.
There are several tracks that shine throughout this underground duo' newest full length release, several of which(such as "Paradise, "Nido", and "Comment Te Dire Adieu?") feature entrancing vocals.
The production here results in a fascinating blend of sounds that I Would strongly recommend just about anyone to check out.

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